CRESSY FARM pork, dry-cured bacon, sausages and other pork products are high quality, all gluten-free and guaranteed to be sourced from the free-farmed pigs that we have grown ourselves in Canterbury, a little west of Christchurch.


CRESSY FARM is a brand that recognises that today’s consumer wants to know that the food they eat will not only taste good, but it has been grown in a healthy environment and has been processed with minimal use of unwanted additives so common now in many foods.  Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable eating experience every time.


Pork is the world’s no. 1 meat, yet many New Zealanders still hesitate to include pork ioutdoor_sows.JPGn their weekly meal plan.  We would like to change that and Cressy Farm aims to change consumers’ ideas about pork quality.


CRESSY FARM has sows living free range, with huts containing straw bedding and with space to graze, sunbathe and do what pigs do.  Not a stall or crate in sight!


The grower shed is fully open to the sun on the north side and grower pigs are on sawdust bedding, with feed and water available 24 hours.  They have room to move around, dig into the sawdust and play with their pen-mates.


While we are not an organic farm (feed costs are already high enough!), we aim to provide a low stress, healthy environment for all our pigs that means we do treat any sick animals but do not use growth hormones or antibiotic growth promotants.  Because of this environment we are classed as a high-health pig farm with naturally low disease levels.


Overall, our farming system results in tender, tasty, juicy pork!


We also own the butchery Euro Deli Meats at 325 Westminster St, in Mairehau, Christchurch.  This allows us to be able to follow Cressy Farm pork through our own butchery direct to the consumer, be it the home cook or restaurants.


While the Christchurch Farmers Market is currently Cressy Farm's main market outlet, we have recently started attending the Ohoka Farmers market each Friday morning and are also attending the Oxford Farmers Market on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Check out where we'll be in the next couple of weeks on our Where to Buy page.  We also supply other butchers in the Christchurch area and Dunedin, Wanaka and Wellington, their details are also on the Where to Buy page.


We are also able to take direct orders by phone or email, or on-line order, see our Euro Deli Meats website for more information.  And our latest offer is for home delivery of meat packs to certain area in Christchurch.  Please see Euro Deli Meats for more information about delivery areas and the products available.


For those of you in the Selwyn district Lucy's operate a home delivery service for a range of products including our pork.